Profile on Caleb Cobos Photography

By: Colton Newman


In 2012, an Eldorado High School student named Caleb picked up a camera and started taking pictures.   This interest in photography would eventually lead to one of Albuquerque’s youngest and more talented business owners, Caleb Cobos.  In 2015 Caleb Cobos began his ever-expanding company named Caleb Cobo’s Photography.  Caleb has been expanding his work, his creativity and pushing the limits of what a commercial photographer can accomplish.

Since starting Caleb Cobos Photography, Caleb has shot a wide range of pictures.  His photos include wedding photography, professional portraits, senior portraits, family portraits, sports teams, action shots and engagement photographs.  Caleb has expanded from wedding photography to wedding videography. 

Caleb shot over 38 weddings In 2017.  Wedding locations include Albuquerque, Taos, Santa Fe, Madrid, Dana Point, and Durango.  Venues include the La Fonda Inn near the Santa Fe Plaza, Los Poblanos in the Bosque, Casa Rondena  in the Valley, Nature Pointe in Tijeras, and many more scattered across New Mexico.  Caleb’s shooting style is like a “fly on the wall “, waiting and watching for those genuine moments that can pass in the blink of the eye.  When Caleb directs a shot, he will utilize the surroundings to create an epic and unforgettable picture.  

When it comes to portraits, it doesn’t take a complex studio set up or a vast landscape for Caleb and his photographers to make a highly personal image.  Whether it be a trail in the Bosque, a roadside pull-off in the foothills or anyone of the many photogenic locations that the Albuquerque’s Old Town has to offer, the surroundings never take away from the bright faces of anyone who is lucky enough to be in front of Caleb’s view finder.  

Although sports photography isn’t the most glamorous form of photography, Caleb has developed a knack for making each and every action shot, whether it is swimming, soccer, or basket ball, look as though it was a set up and highly complex photo shoot.

Small treasured moments are the foundation Caleb Cobos photography. The unforgettable dunk from your kids basketball game, that smile from your new husband or wife that no one else saw; the confident smile on your son or daughters face as they begin their senior year.  These are the moments that Caleb has collected and given to happy customers for years.  

Caleb In his own words,  “Over time I was able to use my unique style of photography to help create stunning portraits for others to cherish.”  And this he has done.  With countless happy customers under his belt it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t had a positive experience with Caleb’s business.  

Caleb can be reached at

His work can be seen on instagram @calebcobosphotography.